June 16, 2011

The Rest of Me-Made-May

Oh, my. I'm terrible at documenting my wardrobe on a daily basis.  I was far too lax at this, especially when I wore the same outfits through out the month, and was often rushing out my front door in the mornings that catch my bus on time.  I did, however, manage to get photos of most outfits at least once, so there is a general sort of documentation of what I wore through May.

Oh, my. Not even looking at the camera in this shot.
Skirt is from a BurdaEasy Magazine pattern I bought last summer in Germany.

An old dress, but extremely comfortable and great for work.

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.

This top is a disaster, as the pattern provided no shape or structure, but perfect for a lazy weekend of lounging around the house.

Simple cotton skirt, perfect for weekends.  Can you tell my photographer here is heads taller than I am?

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