May 6, 2011

Me-Made-May Days 1-4

So, I know that Me-Made-May is not happening this year (it's now Me-Made-June!?), but I spent MONTHS prepping for it, including making some dresses for special occasions.  So I'm doing it.  I'm participating in my own version of Me-Made-May 2011.

My rules aren't so strict; at least one garment item per day must be sewn by me.  I can mix and match handmade skirts with store-bought tops, or vice-versa, if needed (I definitely lack handmade tops).

So here goes!  I began the month in NYC, visiting my best friend for nearly a week, so these pictures were all taken at various locations across the city.  I also noted the fun activities I did each day in the outfit!

Day 1
Me-made skirt
Picnic in Central Park, Museum of Arts & Design

Day 2
Me-made dress
MoMA and Mary Poppins

Day 3
Me-made dirndl skirt
Queens Blvd & shopping along Austin St.

Day 4
Me-made mini dress
Cold and rainy!  Train ride home.

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