May 30, 2013

Me Made May '13, Days 16-22

Me Made May Day 16
Day 16: Dirndl with grosgrain waistband
Worn to work and for dinner and drinks with friends!

Me Made May Day 17
Day 17: McCalls 6346
Worn to work.

Me Made May Day 18
Day 18: Mini dress
Worn to lunch with my mom and sis at the mall.

Me Made May Day 19
Day 19: Cotton dress, blogged here.
Worn grocery shopping.

Me Made May Day 20
Day 20: Simplicity 2343, blogged here.
Worn to work and pictured in Dupont Circle.

Me Made May Day 21
Day 21: Butterick 5028, blogged here.
Worn to work and pictured in front of the US Capitol!

Me Made May Day 22
Day 22: A completely different version of
Simplicity 2360 and hand-crocheted sweater.
Worn to work and out to the theater.

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  1. Great blogspot!

    Pap Pap loves your Haloween card!