January 13, 2012

A New Christmas Apron

You may recognize this apron, I've used this pattern twice before, and it's a winner every time. This Christmas, I made my supervisor at work a holiday apron. She loves to cook, so it was certainly a fitting gift - she even wore it around the office all day!

The only small problem with this pattern is that the amount of fabric it instructs you to buy is not quite enough. I have been only inches short of fabric each time I make it. This fabric shortage means that the back ties aren't as long as they should be; not a major issue, but a nuisance. Note to self and to readers: please buy an extra quarter of a yard of the fabric you use for the main body of the apron!

This apron is easy and fun to sew, and each of my three versions is completely unique. Someday, I'll make one for me!

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