January 6, 2011

Christmas Crafts: Aprons

Now that the holidays have passed, I can start posting all the gifts I crafted for friends and family this year.  I'll begin with two Christmas aprons made from Simplicity 2492.  I have such a weakness for rik-rak trim, and with its retro style, I just had to make these holiday-themed aprons.  The apron is simple to make, and all of the sizes (S-M-L) are separate pattern pieces, so there is no need for tracing the different sizes.

This gingerbread apron almost looks like a cookie, itself, with white rik-rak and bias binding.  I made this for my good friend, Caitlin, and packaged it with a Martha Stewart gingerbread-themed spatula and potholder.  So adorable!  I may have to make an identical one for myself.

I made this version of the apron for a co-worker who also sews many of her own clothes.  I like that these two aprons have completely different looks, simply by using different fabrics.

More Christmas crafts to come, and happy new year!

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