January 19, 2012

New Sofa Covers

You may remember that I moved to a new apartment back in October. My roommate and I had a good deal of furniture between the two of us, meaning we had to buy very few brand new pieces. My roommate contributed an old wooden love seat and chair set. 

I wish we had taken "before" pictures, because these furniture pieces were originally a light wood color with dark green and red Southwest-style cushion covers. They've been through quite a transformation! What a difference some white paint and fresh fabric have made.

My roommate and I sewed all new covers; we created large pillow-case type squares, gusseted the corners, and added ribbon ties for closure along the unseen back edges.

Our living room has a large picture window, and the sun shines in all day. We definitely achieved a light, fresh, and feminine look! We have a lot more decorating to do and many empty walls to fill, but it is nice to have the big furniture pieces ready for use.

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