September 19, 2011

Before & After

You may remember the skirt I updated that once belonged to my Grandmother.  Well, I recently took on another similar project!  My mom made the following dress nearly 15 years ago.  Unfortunately, it was always just a bit too small for her and has sat practically finished, only needing buttons sewn on it, in the sewing room ever since.  When cleaning out the sewing room a few weeks ago, we dug up this dress, and she offered it to me before throwing it in the trash.


The floral cotton print was too good to pass up!  I took on the challenge of making this dress my own.  I took out the sleeves, cut a massive amount of fabric from the bottom to bring up the length, and adjusted fit by taking in the side seems, and front and back princess seems.


The result is a cute, casual summer dress!  I re-faced the armholes with bias tape, and made my own fabric covered buttons.

I am very happy with this dress and feel that I have given it a new life!  Most of the credit for this one goes to my mom, who had truly done the bulk of the work, herself.

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