August 30, 2011

Weaving Weekend

Back in the beginning of June, my mom and I went up to Pennsylvania for a two-day weekend weaving class at The Mannings!  We completed two projects; a scarf on Saturday, and a twill sampler on Sunday.  We warped the looms entirely ourselves for the scarf project.  Warping is no easy task, and the actual weaving process turned out to be far quicker in comparison.  We did a plain weave for the scarf (over, under, over, under, etc.).  On Sunday, when we made the twill sampler, the looms had been pre-warped for us so that we can could fully concentrate on the complicated treadling patterns involved.

The weaving studio at The Mannings.

This was my first time weaving, though my mom used to weave many years ago.  She says she stopped weaving exactly 25 years ago (wait... that's how old I am!).  She was able to pick up weaving very quickly during the class.  As for me, I have never woven nor seen it done, so I was pretty much totally blown away all day everyday during the class.

In the end, I really feel that I "clicked" with weaving.  Once you get your project going, it really is a soothing, rhythmic activity.  In fact, maybe I felt a little too zen!  After all, I was weaving bare-foot in an old barn, drinking endless cups of hot tea.

As I said, my mom did some weaving years ago, and she has her own 25" Baby Wolf loom folded away in the sewing room.  We plan to get that out in the next few weeks and continue to weave!  We bought plenty of threads and yarns to make more scarves and twill samplers.  I know my mom used to weave small throw rugs in the past, and I'd love to learn to make some for myself.

This was truly a wonderful (and fast!) weaving weekend.  Our teacher, Tom, was friendly, knowledgeable, and, most importantly, patient.  The class provided us each with a great book for weaving beginners, and it will be a much-needed resource as I continue to learn more.  The Mannings, however, is more than a school - it is also one of the country's best known shops for weaving and fiber arts supplies!  I was absolutely overwhelmed at the selection of yarns and knitting, spinning, crochet, and weaving materials.

My scarf yarns.

Mom warping her loom.

Me warping the loom.


Mom weaving.

My scarf-in-progress.

Sunday's loom warped and ready for weaving the twill sampler.

The start of my pink twill sampler.

Mom weaving her sampler.

My two finished products!

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