November 15, 2010

Birthday Cards

I've recently taken an interest in card making.  As you know, I love to make gifts for people; but it seemed that the cards should deserve an equal amount of attention from myself as the gift receives.  No more 99-cent cards from Hallmark.  That just seems like a cop-out to me when I put so much work and love into handmade gifts.  The gift deserves to be paired with a worthy card.

These cards are modified versions of ideas I got from various papercrafting magazines.  I have limited card-making experience, so armed with a glue stick and paper cutter, I went at it.  The card above features a stamped cupcake and ribbon trim.  The card below is a bit simpler with three types of craft paper cut into three rectangles.  I got on my computer, typed "It's Your Day!," and clicked print for the top section.  Easy as pie.  I made 6 of each of these cards, so I now have a handy stash of birthday cards that are ready to go!

I became interested in making my own cards about a year ago when my mom and I decided to make the family's Christmas card.  It was a simple card, but certainly cute, adorned with rickrack Christmas trees and sparkly, gold bows.  Since then, I've been slowly phasing in handmade cards for store bought cards.  I'm hoping to make a stash of "Thank You" cards soon, too.  Be sure to check back in a few weeks for more about this year's handmade family Christmas card!

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