November 11, 2010

Banana Republic for Less

I could never have a totally handmade wardrobe.  I love shopping too much.  But I was in Banana Republic a few weeks ago and saw a feminine, ruffly-waisted skirt that really struck me as something I would like to buy.  But for $60, I couldn't get over the simplicity of the skirt.  I could definitely make this for less (and in fact, I made my version for just under $10).

My version is slightly fuller, no belt loops, nor back pockets.  I made it with 1.5 yards of a bottom-weight cotton from Joann Fabrics.  It is a dirndl skirt, with an elasticized waistband that is set about 1 inch below the top edge of the skirt (to give it that 'ruffly' paper bag effect).  I did this by folding the top raw edge of the skirt down 2 inches, sewing along the raw edge, then sewing again 1 inch from there (halfway between the first stitching and the top edge of the skirt) and inserted 3/4" elastic.  Definitely a quick, afternoon project.

I wear this skirt very often, it is absolutely work-appropriate, especially in the dark grey color.  I'm in desperate need of some handmade winter clothes, and this skirt is getting me on the right track.  It will certainly get a lot of use in the coming months.  Banana Republic for less!

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