September 21, 2010

It's All About the Presentation

My previous post, about the gifted crochet earrings, inspired this post about presenting one's crafted items.  After all the hard work I've put into my handmade gifts, I can't just shove them in an envelope or box and send them on their way.  That is almost an insult to my craftiness, I think!  As I'm gifting handmade items more and more often, I really needed to devise an attractive way to present them, to write about the gift's unique characteristics, and to include any necessary care instructions.

Maybe it is the student in me who has taken one-too-many marketing classes and had the concept of 'brand' pounded into my brain, but I wanted to have a consistent way to present my gifts that reflected my own crafting esthetics. But this presentation method also needed to be flexible and customizable according to occasion, medium, etc..

With an abundance of cream-colored cardstock paper, my mom had been formatting a 'card' she could use to present jewelry.  A few minutes on the computer, a trip to the craft store to buy a 1/16th inch whole punch (perfect for earrings!), and we had a basic prototype.  And I can easily change the message along the top, and the project details at the bottom right.

But I'm gifting more than just jewelry.  I recently crocheted a beautiful wool scarf that I felt needed some care instructions to be packaged along with the scarf, itself.  I came back to this 'card' idea, and instead of a pair of earrings in the middle- the care instructions, of course!  I wrapped the scarf up with this little card, feeling better about my new 'brand' of presentation.  I always include a more personal, handwritten note, too.

How do you present your handmade gifts?  What are some eye-catching presentation techniques you've come across?

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