August 2, 2010

Interview Dress

As a part of my studies towards my MA in Arts Management I am required to do a few internships.  And with interview prospects I desperately needed an interview dress.  I am not much of a suit kind of girl, have never owned one, nor ever plan to; but I needed something appropriate for some very exciting opportunities.  I just hope I'm taken seriously with a big bow around my neck:

This is definitely a 'me' interview dress and about as close to a business suit as I'll ever get.  And I love it.  It is really just a sheath dress with some simple shaping, not meant to be too fitted (though I probably could have gotten away with the next smaller size).  The light, subtle stripe of the fabric is highlighted in the bias cut pocket band and collar.

The sleeves are lined, and since my fabric frayed quite a bit, I added a bias binding to the armhole seems.  The puffy cap-sleeve had some extra room, and the finished armhole edge was definitely a good decision should anyone get a slight peek up and into the sleeve; it now has a more finished look.

I felt really great wearing this dress to the interview- hopefully I'll have good news to share about that in a few weeks!


  1. that dress looks great, and you look so pretty. I have seen that pattern and wondered how it would look. answer: very nice!

  2. I want to make this dress this weekend--thanks for posting your version!! Your pix are great, especially the close up of the bow.

  3. oh, and did you get the job???

  4. What a pretty little dress! I love the contrast of the menswear suiting and the femininity of the bow. Lovely.

  5. That is a great dress! Beautiful.