May 22, 2013

Me Made May '13, Days 8-15

Me Made May Day 8
Day 8: Wrap skirt from Burda Easy magazine, summer 2010
Worn to work.

Me Made May Day 9
Day 9: Butterick 4433
Worn to work.

Me Made May Day 10
Day 10: Re-fashioned shorts
Worn while beach camping on Assateague! I haven't made many camping-appropriate apparel items, so I relaxed my rules a bit for the weekend and kept things simple with these re-fashioned shorts.

Me Made May Day 11
Day 11: Re-fashioned shorts
Worn on the second day of beach camping at Assateague.

Me Made May Day 12
Day 12: Seersucker skirt
This is one of my oldest me-made items. I wore it to visit my mom and celebrate Mother's Day.

Me Made May Day 13
Day 13: Butterick 5466
Worn to work and to the Black Cat to hear some bands play.

Me Made May Day 14
Day 14: Re-fashioned wool skirt with hand-crocheted trim
Worn to work.

Me Made May Day 15
Day 15: Butterick 5756
Worn to work and to Studio Theatre to see 4,000 Miles.

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